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I Wanna Link Your Brains Out!

written by yankeerudy

For web folks, our drive to get links is no less primal than the human urge to… um, procreate. Unfortunately, many of us go about link building like awkward teenagers. Which of these profiles fit your link building approach?

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Social Media Influence, My Butt

written by yankeerudy

Fast Company is running what they call The Influence Project, where the idea is to rank people as influencers based on how many clicks their unique URL gets and how many people they get to play along. Am I the only one that thinks this is stupid?

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Twitter, Sometimes You Suck

written by yankeerudy

Twitter – is it an earth-moving game-changing unstoppable force, or a complete waste of time? It goes back and forth, and just can’t seem to pull itself out of its schizophrenic spiral.Why is that?

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Five Reasons Why 2009 Sucked

written by yankeerudy

It’s time to reflect on the past year as the clock ticks down to 2010. What I’m finding, though, is that 2009 was a suck year for entrepreneurs. Here are five reasons why:

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Robert Scoble is a Big Baby

written by yankeerudy

Last week Internet industry pundit Robert Scoble started (yet another) firestorm with his blog post about how SEO won’t matter any more in 2010. Naturally, the very headline caused a knee-jerk reaction of condemnation in the SEO industry — we have enough trouble explaining to clients why what we do is important to them (and it is important) without some wag confusing them.

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