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Five Reasons Why 2009 Sucked

written by yankeerudy

It’s time to reflect on the past year as the clock ticks down to 2010. What I’m finding, though, is that 2009 was a suck year for entrepreneurs. Here are five reasons why:

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Top Nine SEO Twitter Folks to Follow

written by yankeerudy

In Twitter-land there’s a weekly event called Follow Friday; you point out folks you enjoy reading tweets from, helping your followers find new useful accounts to follow. Here are my top nine favorite search engine optimization tweeters for your enjoyment.

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SEO Is About Searchers Too

written by yankeerudy

In my recent “SEO Is Evil” post, I talked about ways that SEO professionals can get so caught up in the forest that they lose sight of the trees. Here’s another big pitfall… SEO isn’t just about search engines, it’s about the searchers too.

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SEO is Evil

written by yankeerudy

While I pointed out in my last post that SEO is good, SEO does have its dark twisted side that can tempt even the best of us. No, I don’t mean the typical black hat stuff — tactics of questionable ethics that recall the bad gunslingers of old. I mean the stupid things we do, the dumb habits we occasionally fall into — not so much black hat as much as asshat.

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SEO is Good

written by yankeerudy

There have been a few blog posts recently proposing that SEO is simply cheating the system, and that anybody who partakes in SEO activities is a criminal. While I can certainly see how you could reach that conclusion, there is more to SEO than just gaming a system and none of it is criminal.

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