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Five Reasons Why 2010 Will Not Suck

written by yankeerudy

Last week’s post discussed five reasons why 2009 sucked for entrepreneurs. Now that 2010 is here, let’s look at some reasons why we can feel more optimistic about the coming year.

  • Better Jobs — I don’t necessarily mean six-figure jobs here, and I can’t speak to all markets across the country. I’ve been keeping tabs on the local classifieds, and the types of jobs listed are starting to change. Last year was dominated by sales and minimum-wage type jobs, with employers mostly trying to squeeze as much from as few people as possible. This reflected the crappy economic conditions in which most companies found themselves. This year, however, I’m seeing more jobs that do things – techs, support people, service folks. Could this be an indication that companies are finally ready to spend money to make money? I think so.
  • Promotional Spending — Talking with some folks in the promotional products industry, it seems that business is finally picking up again. Last year was a down year, with companies cutting back on most spending that didn’t directly generate sales. This year, though, it looks like companies are spending in areas that support sales – stuff like ad specialty items, sales training, sponsored meetups, and trade shows.
  • Services — As businesses expand their activities this year, they are looking to service providers to help kick-start their projects. Entrepreneurs that offer social media marketing, search engine optimization, and other internet marketing consulting services are seeing business picking up (especially those that kept investing in their own marketing). Again, the message here is that companies are finally ready to “spend money to make money” again.
  • Competition — Last year was pretty brutal for many entrepreneurs. Many of the weaker ones gave up or got forced out, leaving the field open for the stronger companies that managed to stay in business or even thrive. (Side note: there’s nothing worse for an entrepreneur than having to give up on a viable idea because you’ve run out of money/time – it sucks big-time.) Moving into the new year, many companies will find less competition in their areas and will be rewarded for toughing out 2009. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right?
  • Bottomed Out — As bad as last year was, I don’t think 2010 can get any worse… Can it?
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