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I Wanna Link Your Brains Out!

written by yankeerudy

For web folks, our drive to get links is no less primal than the human urge to… um, procreate. Unfortunately, many of us go about link building like awkward teenagers. Which of these profiles fit your link building approach?

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Google Instant: Is SEO dead, again?

written by yankeerudy

I have to say I was surprised to read Steve Rubel declare that Google Instant meant the death of SEO. I don’t know Steve, and have never read his work before, and I’m sure he’s a smart guy. However, I think once he thinks on this a bit he’ll realize that his prediction of death missed the mark.

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Social Media Influence, My Butt

written by yankeerudy

Fast Company is running what they call The Influence Project, where the idea is to rank people as influencers based on how many clicks their unique URL gets and how many people they get to play along. Am I the only one that thinks this is stupid?

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Interns Help Build Business Five Ways

written by yankeerudy

Contractor will monitor Client’s website and make appropriate recommendations of site updates to ensure site is taking advantage of the latest search engine optimization techniques


Businesses have been hiring interns for various reasons for a long time. Sure, it’s probably not such a hot idea to turn your entire social media campaign over to interns, but here are five good reasons to bring an intern or two on board just the same…

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Seven Links Challenge

written by yankeerudy

Darren at Problogger issued a 7 link challenge last week, asking bloggers to post links in his seven categories. It looked like it would be fun, so for the benefit of new Smartacus blog readers I’m jumping onto the blogwagon.

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